Thank You

There are a handful of people who have helped me with the growth of my business. This page is solely dedicated to those who took the time to help me and continue to help me. I'm so lucky to have each of you as a friend. It's been a wonderful and fun experience to work along side these other artists. A very special thank you to:

Sarah Currier: Sarah is a longtime friend of mine who does clean, amazing graphic designs. She helped bring my handwritten logos to life! Thank you so much! If your interested in Sarah's work please contact her at:

Doug Obrocto: Doug is another good friend of mine! He is a young and very talented photographer. He has taken most of my models pictures and each one captures the beauty of our models and the beauty of my shirts. Thank you for helping me capture these moments. If you're interested in Doug's work please contact him at:

PittStop Signs: PittStop signs is a family owned and operated business also located in Rock Springs, Wyoming. They specialize in all sorts of signs and graphics. PittStop has help me print my graphics and signs. All of their work is pristine and top quality. Thank you PittStop for helping me give my customers quality graphics. If you are interested in their work please contact them at:

Models & Friends: I have to take the time to thank all of my beautiful models who are also my friends! I have been blessed with so many supportive and loving friends. Thank you for always taking the time to take photos for me, like/share my posts, wear my products and spread the Diva Love! I love all of you with all my heart! Thank you one million times!

Suppliers: I also want to thank all of my suppliers. Each of them ensures me quality service and products. Thank you to Wix, Dharma Trading Company, JiffyShirts, and Amazon, Square, PayPal, and TVFCU. Each one of these companies or business allows me to make this whole thing happen. Thank you everyone!