Customer Care & More About Me

Diva Dye LLC is a ONE PERSON owned and operated company. Just like any other art process and business, it takes time and patience to create quality products. Customers should understand the ordering and shipping process. Since each shirt is handmade, there may be a waiting time of 1-2 weeks, possibly up to 3 weeks if inventory must be ordered. If certain inventory must be ordered, the customer will be contacted via email with the notice. Diva Dye LLC is based in a small town in Wyoming where resources and wholesale is not always quickly available. The Tie-Dye process can take anywhere from 2-3 days depending on the chosen dye product ordered by the customer. Each customer will be given a quality and fair customer experience here on the official Diva Dye LLC website and social media site(s). For any questions or concerns, please use the link below for contact information.

As the owner and operator of this company, I want to ensure to all customers and visitors that I hold my company and artwork to a high standard. I take my work seriously and I want make sure each person is satisfied with both their experience and purchased products. I do not currently own a storefront. Again, these are handmade products by me! I make each shirt based on the customized order for each specific customer. Since this is a small startup business, I'm learning a lot about owning and operating a business. I want to do my best to do it right and professionally. I am also currently enrolled in college to pursue Business Management. I'm passionate about both business and art. I was inspired by a sweet lady who had been making Tie-Dye in Rock Springs some amount of years before me. When she noticed I was inspired by her work and shirts she began to encourage me and with my artistic background, it didn't take much convincing for me to start! In 2015, I received my Associates in Art and shortly after started creating Tie-Dye. That summer I had a booth at one of the local farmers markets. I had a decent success that summer and I was determined to create some of the highest quality and unique Tie-Dye around. These last few years I struggled thinking about whether I could turn this hobby into something bigger. I realized how happy it made people when I gave them the option to customize their shirts with me! I knew this was a new market! So with all the love and support in my life, I pushed myself to create something not only the Tie-Dye world hasn't seen, but a new experience for everyone! My goal in the future is to create a strong Wyoming based business that can give back to such a wonderful state.

Privacy & Safety

Customer privacy is the top priority for Diva Dye LLC. This website is operated by and is safe and secure. All customer information is kept private and secure. Customer information such as personal and bank information is not given out. All customer information is only used by this company to ensure quality service. This policy is true for online transactions through this website, through social media operated by this company, and physical transactions by this company, as well. All transactions go through a third party credit union located in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Customers may be contacted by the owner via email to verify personal information or order information only if necessary for needed information. All customers will be sent an confirmation email and then a secondary email confirming shipping.

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NOTICE - Allergy Disclaimer

Warning to anyone who has a known allergy to: certain types of fabric dye, bleach, laundry detergent, white wine vinegar, soda ash, or urea. Professional Textile Detergent is also used in the making of the shirts/products. Each of the above listed chemicals and/or ingredients is used in the tie-dye process for Diva Dye products. To the fullest legal extent, with this warning, Diva Dye LLC will not be held liable or responsible for any claimed allergic reaction, discomfort, and/or harm from a product. My dyes and other chemicals are shipped to Wyoming from other states. If you need more information about the ingredients within the dyes and other chemicals, contact Diva Dye LLC via email or messenger to receive a link to access the dyes/chemicals and company who makes and sells these products. Thank you! *Updated* (2/6/21)

Wholesale Inquiries

Even though Diva Dye LLC is not a wholesale site, if you are interested in purchasing 10 or more items, please contact me via email to make large orders. This will allow me more time and I will also be able to give you a discount on a large amount of items.

Tax Information

Diva Dye LLC is only licensed to collect taxes within the state of Wyoming. There will NOT be a tax on ANY out of state orders. Out of state customers are responisble for taxation of product, if need be.


Payment Methods

• Credit / Debit Cards

• Offline Payments / Cash