Diva Hat
  • Diva Hat


    Customize your very own Diva Dye Hat! All hats will feature this same design, but you're in control of the color choices! Pick 1-3 colors.


    *Use the "white button" also labeled "none button" options to control the color range for each product.

    *Some colors may still bleed out of the shirt when washed!

    *Use caution & read care instructions below!

    Color 1
    Color 2
    Color 3
    • Care Instuctions

      For the first few washes, wash ALONE in COLD water WITHOUT detergent. This will ensure the colors won't fade for the first couple times it's washed. Hang dry for best results. Putting the hat through the dryer WILL SHRINK the hat because it is 100% cotton. After many washings, the colors will begin to fade and then it's time to purchase a new hat! These instructions are to help you give the best care to your custom tie-dye hat.

    • Note:

      NO hat is the exact same. Results will vary.

    • Allergy Disclaimer

      Please use caution if you have sensitive skin or have any known allergic reactions to any dyes, detergents (I use a no perfumes/no dyes - sensitive skin detergent), *NEW - Professional Textile Detergent has been added to my process (for brighter colors), white wine vinegar, soda ash (a chemical that is used in the  tie-dye process), and urea (another chemical used in the process). I do my best to make sure my products are washed throughly throughout my process. This is a clear and fair warning to each and every customer. Please feel free to contact me for any further questions regarding this disclaimer. (NO Milsoft NB Textile Softener is used on hats)

    • Stain & Color Information

      Please follow washing instructions to avoid staining of other clothes and possibly skin. These instructions will ensure the best care for your tie-dye product. Dyes may bleed in the wash or when the hat is worn. The dye will wash off skin. However; it may stain other articles of clothing. Be cautious.

      *Actual hat colors may vary slightly from what appears on your screen due, to monitor/phone differences.