Frequently Asked Questions

How do I CARE for my Diva Dye shirt?

For the first few washes, wash ALONE in COLD WATER with NO detergent. Hang dry for best results.

Can the dye BLEED & STAIN?

Yes, this is possible. Sometimes in the washing process the dye doesn't wash all the way out. Following the washing intructions is important to ensure the shirt will not bleed in the wash and ruin other clothing. Also, while you're wearing your shirt you could experience the dye staining your skin. This is ONLY temporary and the dye WILL wash off your skin.

Can I Return or Exchange my Diva Dye shirt?

No, there is a no return policy for Diva Dye LLC. However, you can do an exchange. Please refer to the Returns & Exchanges page on this website.

How long will it take to receive my order?

This will depend on your enitre order. If you ordered 1-2 shirts it will take up to 3 days to make the shirts then, 5-10 days to be shipped to you (roughly two weeks total). If you have ordered more then 2 shirts this process may take longer. Orders up to 10 shirts at a time may take up to three weeks to receive. Contact me via email for more questions about shipping. Any orders over 10 shirts PLEASE contact me as soon as possible!